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Jiangyin huahai dyeing and printing technology co., LTD. Is located in the economically developed Yangtze river delta center - jiangyin, the mayor of Shanghai in the east, south, wuxi, jiangyin Yangtze river bridge and highway system in the north, along the river highway, water and land transportation is very convenient.

Huahai is a collection of dyeing, printing and dyeing company to finalize the design, printing, finishing in one of the knitting and dyeing enterprises.

We have advantages of the following:

1.The heat energy related businesses supporting power sufficient supply.

2.The large volume of proprietary sewage treatment plant

3.The abundant financing, enterprise supply chain.

4.Changshu, jiangyin region the top-class printing and dyeing and finishing technology talents.

5.Large enterprise management mode and the senior management team in Taiwan.

6.Advanced vats, rotary screen printing machine, setting machine, a full set of finishing machines, respectively from Taiwan, Germany and domestic brand-name equipment.

7.The company passed the ISO - 9000 and 9000, quality certification system, and strictly implement the product quality in an all-round way.

8.Eight, to implement ERP system management,

9.Standard laboratory, proofing, the system network, automatic material with the color system.

Company is willing to on reciprocity and mutual benefit, achieve a win-win situation on the basis of, develops the market together with customers from all walks of life to establish long-term strategic partnership, the partnership.