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The remediation of printing and dyeing pollutants has been carried out one after another. We believe in a "green" tomorrow

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2015/07/02 18:21
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According to the Zhejiang Provincial "Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industry Air Pollutant Emission Standards" and the requirements of the provincial and municipal environmental protection departments, the District Environmental Protection Bureau recently convened 15 printing and dyeing enterprises within its jurisdiction to deploy air pollutant remediation, implement the remediation requirements, and require companies to start from the production process , Waste gas collection system and waste gas treatment facilities have begun to carry out remediation, focusing on upgrading process waste gas remediation and sewage station upgrading and remediation.
     In recent years, printing and dyeing companies have become more mature in their attention to environmental protection, which makes our consumers feel at ease. Although the progress is relatively slow, it has been going on smoothly. We always believe that there will be a day when our consumers will no longer have to worry about whether products are healthy and environmentally friendly, and whether corporate production pollutes the environment.