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Printing and dyeing companies use "film" to reduce emissions

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2011/09/30 18:19
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Physicochemical and biochemical treatments are reclaimed water reuse technologies widely used by printing and dyeing enterprises in our county, and the average treatment cost per ton is between 1.5 yuan and 2 yuan. But for the same treatment of one ton of printing and dyeing wastewater, the cost of membrane treatment technology is as high as 4.6 yuan. The operators of Shaoxing printing and dyeing enterprises, who have always been known for their shrewdness, are now happy to do this "losing business" and have launched printing and dyeing wastewater membrane treatment technology projects, which have become a new bright spot in the industry.
   film technology is highly sought after
   In the "Shengxin Printing and Dyeing" of Binhai Industrial Zone, in addition to the busy workshop in the workshop, the construction workers are stepping up the installation of new equipment in the scorching sun over 1,000 square meters of open space in the factory. "This is a new reclaimed water reuse technology-membrane treatment technology." The operator of Shengxin Printing and Dyeing Company said that the whole set of equipment is expected to be put into use at the end of August.
   Within three months, five printing and dyeing companies including "Sumeite" and "Belleheng" have successively signed membrane treatment technology cooperation agreements with Ningbo Branch of Ordnance Research Institute. "Shaoxing printing and dyeing enterprises are very interested in membrane treatment technology and the use of "third-party" management cooperation methods. In addition to these five companies, many companies have actively contacted us for consultation and negotiation." Ningbo Branch of the Ordnance Research Institute Zhou Yusong of Shaoxing revealed that due to the sharp increase in business in Shaoxing, they have rented office space in the Binhai Industrial Zone and are preparing to set up an office to meet business development needs.
In addition to cooperating with the Ningbo Branch of the Ordnance Science and Technology Research Institute, many printing and dyeing companies have also introduced foreign advanced membrane treatment technologies. For example, "Zhiren Printing and Dyeing" invested 8 million yuan to expand and transform the printing and dyeing wastewater treatment system and the advanced treatment of reclaimed water. The reverse osmosis membrane technology produced by the Dow Company of the United States is adopted, and it is planned to be put into use in September.
  Emission reduction and water saving double effect
Why are so many printing and dyeing companies enthusiastic about membrane technology? "After 3000 tons of pre-treated wastewater is treated by membrane, 2000 tons will directly become clean water." After Zhang Guohua, the operator of Shumet Printing and Dyeing Company, visited Suzhou, Ningbo and other places, he finally decided to adopt membrane. Processing technology. He told reporters that the technology meets the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction, and that this technology is "only earning but not losing."
Take the wastewater membrane treatment technology project currently being launched by "Shengxin Printing and Dyeing" as an example. After treatment, the COD concentration in the clean water dropped to less than 50mg/L, while the COD concentration in the river water reached about 100mg/L, which can be reused in the enterprise. Industrial water. Calculated based on the price of industrial water at 1.15 yuan per ton, the average cost of wastewater pretreatment is more than 2.8 yuan per ton. Regardless of labor and other management costs, the cost of 1 ton of water is definitely higher than 4 yuan, and membrane treatment technology not only allows its discharge Reduced by 2/3, the effect of emission reduction and water saving is obvious. To this end, "Shengxin Printing and Dyeing" plans to launch the second phase of membrane treatment technology. By then, the company's emissions will be greatly reduced, achieving the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.
   Emission reduction is the driving force
   "In addition to the remarkable effects of emission reduction and water saving, the pressure of environmental protection and emission reduction is also one of the driving forces that force printing and dyeing enterprises to actively seek wastewater treatment upgrades." said the relevant person in charge of the county environmental protection bureau. Since last year, our county has taken a series of major measures to fight pollution with an iron hand, such as the implementation of special clean-up actions for the construction projects of the printing and dyeing chemical industry, and the “last elimination” system for printing and dyeing enterprises in which sewage exceeds the standard. This year, our county has imposed a "tightening curse" on excessive sewage from printing and dyeing enterprises, that is, the last pollutant pollutant discharge test per month is eliminated and replaced every three days.
  Under the severe pressure of emission reduction, printing and dyeing enterprises in our county actively seek a way out, actively upgrade wastewater treatment technology, realize energy saving and emission reduction, and relieve environmental pressure. "Membrane treatment technology will play a decisive role in reducing emissions in our county's printing and dyeing industry, and even the entire county," said an insider.